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General Country data

The main cultural assets of Guatemala

Guatemala has heritage that dates back 3 000 years of cultural history. Our pre-Hispanic cultures and the syncretism at the colonial period left a legacy of tangible cultural property and non-material manifestations that still exist and make up part of our identity as a nation in which we recognize our differences and roots that inspire our country in modern times.

The legal framework on cultural heritage conservation

The cultural heritage of Guatemala is protected by the Political Constitution of the Republic, which is the supreme law ruling the entire State. The Law for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation (Decree number 26-97) is the specific law that ensures special attention to cultural heritage, as well as those that acquire a similar recognition in order to preserve their characteristics and safeguard its historical value.

The cultural and natural sites on the World Heritage List

The legacy of ancient pre-Hispanic cultures and the region's syncretism are part of the national cultural heritage. The Rabinal Achí dance theater, the Na Pa'ch ceremony and the Garífuna culture are part of the intangible legacy of Guatemala worldwide.

As part of the tangible heritage, Tikal National Park combines both cultural elements of the Mayan civilization and the natural wealth that surrounds it, making it the first site inscribed as mixed property site in 1979. The same year, Antigua Guatemala was listed as cultural property in the UNESCO World Heritage List, due to its remarkable architecture with Baroque influence. The Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quiriguá is the third site listed as World Heritage in 1981 - its importance lies in the fact that it has the largest squares, as well as the most impressive sculptural complex in Mesoamerica.

Adhesion to ICCROM

Guatemala is a Member State of ICCROM since 18/09/1975


Mandates in ICCROM Council since 1958:

  • 1988-1990: José María MagaÑa Juarez
  • 1998-2015: Blanca Niño Norton

ICCROM Staff since 1959: 2

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Activities in/with Guatemala since 2002

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Activities details

  • 2003 - 1 Mission(s)
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  • 2020 - 1 Partnership(s)
  • 2022 - 1 Course(s), 1 Partnership(s)

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Governmental Cultural Institutions

Museums and Cultural Heritage Institutions (selected)

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The Na Pa’ch ceremony:

The Rabinal Achí danced theater

The language, dance and music of the Garífuna culture

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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