ICCROM’s Programme Budget is financed through a mix of contributions from Member States and voluntary contributions from public and private entities. Assessed contributions, or mandatory contributions from governments who are Member States of ICCROM, are calculated based on the scale of assessment used by the United Nations since 2008.

Voluntary contributions from Member States and Partners comprise approximately half of the budget of ICCROM and represent a crucial source of finance for our programmes and activities. These contributions are earmarked according to agreements with donors and used for specific activities or programmes, in line with ICCROM’s Programme of Activities and Budget.

Financial performance of ICCROM in 2020*

Contributions from Member States: 3.673.273 €
Other contributions: 3.429.314 €
Investment revenue: 17.043 €
Other revenue: 150.590 €

Total revenue: 7.270.220 €

*The information presented is drawn from ICCROM financial statements, which have undergone an audit by Ernst & Young Financial-Business Advisors SpA

We thank all our partners who provided in-kind and financial contributions in 2020:

  • ALIPH - International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas
  • APACHE Consortium
  • British Council
  • BUNKA-CHO – Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • CHA – Cultural Heritage Administration
  • FOC - Federal Office of Culture
  • Government of Sharjah
  • IPCE - Cultural Heritage Institute of Spain
  • KLD – Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment
  • MAECI - Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • MiC - Italian Ministry of Culture
  • Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
  • NCHA – National Cultural Heritage Administration
  • Oman National Museum
  • Principality of Monaco
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Swedish Postcode Foundation