Resilience Workshop Gorup Photo

The workshop was organized to review the existing resource manual on Managing Disaster Risks for World Heritage and to merge it with the manuals on managing World Heritage Natural and Cultural Sites. Aspects of linking climate change adaptation to disaster risk management were fully explored. The workshop set out the road map for a revised manual on resilience, providing overall guidance on contents, tools, case studies, and appropriate medium for delivery.


  • Presenting the overall framework of work
    • World Heritage Leadership and the Heritage Management Resources Platform
  • Challenges and gaps in site management
    • What do the site managers identify as their challenges in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Where do we stand on Climate Change Phenomena and related hazards- review of existing research
  • Case studies: Climate related, and other types of Disaster Risks and potential short and potential long term impacts on heritage
  • International and national level policies
    • Climate change related policies in general and for heritage in particular
    • Disaster risk related policies in general and for heritage in particular
  • Mitigation/Adaptation strategies at Site Level
    • Legislation, Planning, Stakeholders/actors
    • Techniques, Monitoring, Daily maintenance
    • How Heritage contributes to the Resilience of Society
  • Needs for capacity building
    • Where are the gaps in capacity/research/practice
    • What do we need to do?