We can’t predict the future, but we can get better at anticipating it. Foresight helps us explore, envision and proactively shape our future. It is not about making predictions, but instead seeks to build awareness of different possible futures—challenging assumptions and expanding horizons. Through provoking deeper thinking about change, Foresight helps to strengthen anticipation and build adaptability and resilience. In 2021 ICCROM launched the Foresight Initiative. As a first step, a horizon scanning study was undertaken, engaging an interdisciplinary team of researchers from all world regions, looking out over a 15-year horizon to study the future environment for cultural heritage. This webinar brings together speakers from the scan team to share their reflections about the value of strategic foresight, and the work of the horizon scan study.


Alison Heritage, ICCROM


  • Amy Iwasaki, ICCROM Strategic Planning Unit
  • Dr Adala Leeson, Head of Socio-Economic Analysis and Evaluation, Historic England, UK
  • Dr Gustav Wollentz, Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning and Creativity, Sweden
  • Stefan Michalski, Heritage Conservation Scientist, Canada
  • Dr Tokie Laotan-Brown, FRSA, Merging Ecologies Studio, Nigeria

Join us on 26 May 2022. Registration is mandatory and FREE.