Intergenerational Conversation on Heritage, Communities and Sustainable Development

Following the great success of TERRA 2022, held in early June, we are pleased to announce the ICCROM-TERRA webinar series, titled "Intergenerational Conversation on Heritage, Community, and Sustainable Development." The series will open the floor for engaging discussion about earthen heritage around the world, and hopes to stimulate even more interest in this important form of cultural heritage:

  1. Tuesday, 27 September 2022: Sustainable Earthen Architecture in Changing Environment
  2. Wednesday, 30 November 2022: Earthen architecture for and by communities
  3. Tuesday, 31 January 2023: Understanding Practices and Rethinking Earthen Architecture for Community Development

Webinar 2: Earthen architecture for and by communities

The webinar will be broadcast on Zoom Platform; you can register here. The recording will soon be available on our YouTube channel

Earthen architecture is one of the most original and powerful expressions of our ability to create a built environment with readily available resources. Over the years, communities created and maintained a connection with earthen structures for different reasons as they reflect the times' experiences and mirror the communities' identity. A lot of knowledge about this heritage is lost, resulting in various unanswered questions essential to understanding the present and future. This webinar examines how communities in Jordan and Algeria maintain the connection to significant places, including earthen structures.

SDGs in Focus

SDG1    |   No Poverty

SDG 8   |   Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 11 |   Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG 13 |   Climate Action


  • Olufemi Adetunji, University of Newcastle, Australia


  • Dr Zaki Aslan, Director, ICCROM-Sharjah Regional Office
  • Doa’e Taan | Historical Islamic Architecture in North-Western Jordan, Heritage Mosques in Irbid Governorate
  • Tinhinane bachir-cherif | Earthen architecture in Algeria: earthen constructive know-how in the Ksour of the Saoura region
  • Dr Hossam Mahdy | President of ICOMOS CIAV


Join us on 30 November 2022. Registration is mandatory and FREE.