How can we access and keep in touch with cultural heritage during a pandemic? How can we be inspired by cultural heritage to develop our own art and craft activities? This webinar will reflect on maximizing digital possibilities that allow for engaging with cultural heritage in ways that is not possible physically, offering digital connections and tools for people in different geographical areas to come together and interact via this ‘virtual’ heritage, while ultimately continuing to build it together. 


  • Rebecca KENNEDY, Collections Care Specialist, Curae Collections Care LLC
  • Antonio SUAZO NAVIA, 3-D Documentation Specialist, Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración, Chile
  • Alessia STROZZI, Conservation Officer – Responsible for Education and Research, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Superintendence of Marche Region, Ancona, Italy
  • Matt JACOBS, Education Program Manager, National Parks of New York Harbor, USA
  • Siddhant SHAH, Access for All, India