Speakers: Aparna TANDON (ICCROM), Mikiko HAYASHI (Japan), Halcyon WILTSHIRE (Barbados), Ihor POSHYVAILO (Ukraine), Eyyas ABRAS (Syria)


Gathering reliable and consistent information during an emergency can be challenging, yet it is crucial to inform actions to save lives and secure property. But how can one analyse an unfolding crisis? ICCROM’s alumni share experiences from different parts of the world on how cultural heritage and its bearers have been impacted - what is at stake and who can help. Conceived within the framework of ICCROM’s flagship programme on First Aid and Resilience for Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis, these webinars on "Global Voices: Heritage and Pandemics" are an opportunity to come together and share knowledge, experience and tools that will help us overcome the COVID-19 crisis. Together we will reflect on how to support affected communities and ensure resilience of both tangible and intangible heritage while we return to a "new normal”. ICCROM is grateful to all its partners and in particular to the Swedish Post Code Foundation for enabling this exchange.