13:00 PM Rome Time (20:00 PM Japan Time, 06:00 AM Guatemala Time)


This webinar discusses 3D technology for cultural heritage in Japan. We'll see how individuals and experts find excitement in using 3D for cultural heritage. We'll learn from unique examples, including the work of Professor Atsushi Noguchi from Komatsu University, who leads the Data Science Salon, a hub for people interested in advanced technology for cultural heritage. This webinar aims to grow understanding of this new technology and motivate international collaborations. 


  • Hirofumi Ikawa, ICCROM


  • Atsushi Nakabayashi, Collaborative Researcher, Kyoto Prefectural University
  • Atsushi Noguchi, Associate Professor, Research Center for Next Generation Archaeological Studies, Komatsu University
  • Tomoyo Hirayama, Project Manager, HoloLab Inc.
  • Yuki Kuwayama, CEO, KuwayamaKawara Co.,Ltd(ykuw-design)


  • Mario Santana Quintero, Secretary General (ICOMOS) and Professor (Carleton Immersive Media Studio, Carleton University)
  • Rohit Jigyasu, ICCROM
  • Tomas Meraz Castano, ICCROM