EZBThe ICCROM Library contributes actively to the EZB network project to manage and facilitate the use of scholarly journals online. It offers a fast, structured, and unified interface to access full-text articles online in an arranged interactive form, many of which are Open Access. 

Founded by the Universität Regensburg, Germany, this shared portal provides a window to a vast array of electronic journals in English and German, licensed by over 600 academic libraries. It comprises 88300 titles from all research areas, 17776 of which are available online only. In addition, 90402 journals, which are provided by aggregators, are listed. The EZB contains 55284 journals which are accessible free of charge to anyone. 

Furthermore, the participating libraries provide their users access to the journals they subscribe to, which for copyright reasons, may only be accessed at ICCROM’s premises (yellow dot title). The full texts Open Access journals (green dot title) may be accessed by clicking on the EZB icon on the ICCROM Library Catalogue page and viewed by anyone around the world.

And please inform us at library@iccrom.org (or directly EZB under “Suggest a journal”) if you search for a scientific e-journal that is not contained in the EZB: you will also contribute to the network!