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With few exceptions, it is only recently that a person’s wardrobe included a face mask. But today, almost every nation recommends or requires wearing a cloth face mask in public despite the fact that they are not readily available nor part of our cultural habits. There is a challenge therefore to make masks available as well as to make people want to wear them.

Holy Week in Spain is the annual tribute of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholic religious brotherhoods (cofradía in Spanish) and fraternities that perform penance processions on the streets of almost every Spanish city and town during the week immediately before Easter. Holy Week is not only a religious, cultural and social event but also draws domestic and international tourists in huge numbers. The most popular destinations hold titles and declarations of International Interest for tourist of Spain.

Stories have inspired songs across history worldwide. A famous one from the Middle Eastern traditional folk music tells a story from the times of the Great Famine of Mount Lebanon, during World War I...

In times of COVID, music and impromptu performances on backyards and balconies are connecting communities isolated by social distancing. While many heritage sites are shutting down and transforming their spaces into makeshift testing centres, shelters for the homeless or hospitals ...

Music is the universal language that transcends borders to connect people. While many countries in the world are observing social distancing, people have found ways to bond with each other...

The Olympic Games were celebrated in Olympia—in current Greece—probably since remote times such as the 10th or 9th centuries BC, having the first historic reference in the year 776 BC. Organized every four years, at the beginning the competition consisted in just a race, and other sports were being added progressively in successive celebrations along twelve centuries...


We invite heritage custodians to share your personal and/or your institution’s experience in this crisis. We hope that in gathering stories, together we can help others in similar situations, and ICCROM can respond effectively to your challenges and needs. Your stories may reflect on one or more of the following:

  1. As a heritage practitioner, how is the current COVID-19 crisis affecting you?
  2. How is your heritage impacted? 
  3. What challenges are you facing in managing your heritage due to the current crisis?
  4. Are you undertaking, or planning to undertake, to manage heritage in the current crisis?
  5. How is cultural heritage helping in coping with the crisis?

The stories should not be more than 200 words and can be supported by a maximum of three images. These may be sent to