ICCROM GA33 Image by Hirofumi IkawaHirofumi Ikawa 

About the art 

This image embodies the core of Ostia Antica, the ancient Roman city positioned at the Tiber River's mouth, now standing 3 km inland due to historic silting and sand encroachment. This 3D digital recording was conceived as a methodological test for the ICCROM Conservation of Built Heritage (CBH) course, aiming to meticulously capture the current state of the Ostia arena in 3D. This endeavour not only foregrounds the technological strides in architectural conservation and archaeological documentation but also accentuates the rich tapestry of history that Ostia Antica encapsulates.   

Hirofumi IkawaAbout the artist 

Hirofumi Ikawa, originating from Japan, is a seasoned conservation architect with a specialized focus on modern and contemporary heritage preservation. His professional odyssey commenced at Waseda University, further flourishing at the Technical University of Aachen, Germany. Hirofumi's career hallmark was his instrumental role in restoration projects during his tenure at the Association for Conservation of Cultural Properties and Architectural Monuments. In 2017, he transitioned to the Agency for Cultural Affairs, pioneering the Modern and Contemporary Buildings Division.  

For the last three years, Ikawa has been working at ICCROM under the generous secondment agreement between ICCROM and the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan. His advent into ICCROM has been marked by a marriage of conservation ethos and technological innovation, notably showcased through his AI project and 3D documentation endeavours. 

This transition provided a fertile landscape to helm conservation courses and delve into 3D documentation and Historic BIM (Building Information Modelling) domains. ICCROM's expansive network became a conduit for his exposure to advanced European technologies, enriching his conservation approach and facilitating collaborative engagements within a global conservation community.