Vi Forum Gran sasso

The event, in continuity with its predecessors and with the II International Meeting "Science for Peace," New Disciples of Knowledge: the Scientific Method in the Changing Ages, intends to enter with greater specificity into the life of the academic community by addressing important nodes for developing research and training proposals.

In the parallel sessions and sub-sessions, which will involve all academic disciplines, the theme of Knowing to Build will be reflected upon in the inter-disciplinary and international perspectives for a renewed and adequate engagement in knowledge. This is intended to revive and promote the fundamental and decisive relationship between research and teaching, without which educational proposals risk being insignificant in constructing historical reality.

The Fifth Euro-African Partnership Conference, which will accompany the work of the Forum and in which Rectors from different African and European countries will further the path of university cooperation that must involve all academic disciplines; in addition, the topic of university cooperation, which is essential to contribute to the development of countries in compliance with the SDGs, will be addressed in the concluding plenary, involving all Forum participants.

Like its previous ones, the 6th Gran Sasso International Forum is organized by a Scientific Committee composed of professors from Abruzzo and Italian Universities and Research Centers. It will involve speakers from different parts of the world. All the initiatives will constitute moments of sharing and commitment to new social planning.

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