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Promoting People-Centred Approaches

ICCROM is pleased to announce the commencement of its first course on Promoting People-Centred Approaches: Engaging Communities in the Conservation of Nature and Culture (PCA15).


World Heritage Centre appoints new Director

ICCROM wishes to congratulate Dr Mechtild Rössler on her appointment as the new Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Protectin CH

Protecting Cultural Heritage – An Imperative for Humanity

On 27 September 2015, the initiative “Protecting Cultural Heritage – An Imperative for Humanity” was presented to the UN by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Italy and Jordan, with the support of UNESCO, INTERPOL, UNODC, and various other Member State ministers.


ICCROM Council Member wins prestigious conservation award

Nieves Valentin, an ICCROM council member since 2013, has been awarded the Spanish National Prize for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage 2015, granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

ACCU 2015

Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia-Pacific Region 2015

The course on ‘Cultural Heritage Protection in the Asia-Pacific Region 2015: Preservation and Restoration of Wooden Structures’, was launched on 1 September at the ACCU Cultural Heritage Protection Cooperation Office in Nara, Japan and will continue until 1 October 2015.

LatAm logo

LATAM Newsletter July – September 2015 now out

The aim of the LATAM Newsletter is to give the opportunity to conservation professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean to share their research and professional experiences throughout the region using the LATAM network.

RE-ORG China

RE-ORG China: Wuhou Shrine, Chengdu

Following ICCROM’s 2010 survey, it was recognized that 60% of museum collections are at serious risk due to overcrowding and poor storage conditions. Immediately afterwards, ICCROM launched the development of the RE-ORG methodology in partnership with UNESCO. As a result, the General Assembly of ICCROM urged the 134 Member States to consider this major issue in November 2013.

Olympia resolution

Olympia Resolution 2015

From 1 to 7 September, an international symposium entitled “The need of a constructive dialogue between peoples and cultures and the Olympic idea” was held at the site of Ancient Olympia, Greece. The conference was given under the auspices of the International Olympic Academy and was organized by Dr Spyros Mercouris, President of HORIZONS – Human & Cultural Activities, together with a range of...

Sophy Janowsky

ICCROM appoints new Chief Management Officer

Sophy Janowski joined ICCROM as Chief Management Officer in the summer of 2015. Ms. Janowski oversees all aspects of ICCROM’s operations and has overall responsibility for budget and finance, human resources, information systems, building and operations, as well as organizational development and resource mobilization.


RE-ORG Rajasthan: Alwar Museum, India

Following a 2011 resolution adopted by ICCROM Member States on the reorganization of museum storage, in 2013 ICCROM launched a large-scale call for partners to implement RE-ORG projects worldwide. More than 40 Member States showed interested in the initiative. Since then ad hoc regional and national initiatives are being organized.