Climate.Culture.Peace Youth Forum Poster

We are excited to announce that registrations are open for the Climate.Culture.Peace Youth Forum – Voices of Now and the Future, as well as five interactive workshops being held later this month. Places are limited, so don’t miss out!

Climate.Culture.Peace Youth Forum

Youth Forum – Voices of Now and the Future

The Youth Forum aims to create shared knowledge and understanding by fostering intergenerational dialogue. Voices of Now and the Future will bring together youth leaders, diverse professionals and knowledge holders to develop a shared understanding and envisage positive change. Through presentations, multi-media and participatory activities, strategies for engaging youth in culture-based climate action will be identified and shared.

Session 1 – Intergenerational Dialogue on Linking Climate, Culture and Peace (25 January)

Session 2 – My Voice Counts (26 January)

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Interactive workshops

Five interactive workshops will offer a unique learning opportunity to better understand climate change-related risks; learn how to communicate impacts of climate change on heritage through climate-heritage stories; and enhance knowledge on how to safeguard community-held heritage from climate change-induced hazard events.

  • Workshop 1 – It is Flooded (Arabic and English - 25 January)
  • Workshop 2 – Every Place Has a Climate Story (26 January)
  • Workshop 3 – The Futures We Write for Climate, Culture, and Peace: Dystopias or Utopias? (27 January)
  • Workshop 4 – Vulnerabilities, Capacities – or Justice? (28 January)
  • Workshop 5 – Dialogue and the Root Causes of the Climate Crisis (28 January)

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Who can participate?

Everyone, and we especially encourage participation from the Middle East and Africa. For the workshops, we invite professionals actively engaged in heritage, climate science, disaster risk reduction, peacebuilding and humanitarian to register.