Teutonico 1Congratulations are in order to ICCROM family member Jeanne Marie Teutonico for receiving the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM) Triennial Award for her mosaic conservation work. 

Teutonico has long been part of the ICCROM family. Early in her career, Teutonico was an ICCROM student-turned-staff member. She joined ICCROM as a conservator and educator in 1983, where she greatly developed the Architectural Conservation Course (ARC), established our first teaching laboratory and taught basic conservation science, creating our building materials collection. She wrote A Laboratory Manual for Architectural Conservators (1988) during her tenure at ICCROM, which is still a popular reference. 

MOSAIKON TeutonicoSince joining our long-time partner, the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) in 1999, Teutonico has remained close to ICCROM, working with us on many joint projects, including spending more than a decade collaborating on the MOSAIKON initiative dedicated to Mediterranean mosaics conservation, alongside the ICCM. 

She has already been the recipient of many awards, including the Robert L. Feller Lifetime Achievement Award earlier this year and the ​​CAA/American Institute for Conservation Award for Distinction in Scholarship and Conservation in 2020.

ICCROM Director-General Webber Ndoro and the entire ICCROM family congratulate Jeanne Marie Teutonico on this well-deserved honour.