scientific research in heritage conservation

An important part of ICCROM’s work is to monitor and share new scientific findings, and identify knowledge gaps. By tracking developments and highlighting key issues in research, ICCROM looks to stimulate analysis and debate with the goal of improving the sector’s ability to address current needs and future challenges.

To this end, in 2013 ICCROM held a Forum on the future role of science in heritage conservation. In its recommendations, the ICCROM Forum on Conservation Science highlighted the necessity of greater inclusivity, better needs and impact assessment, and open knowledge sharing.

Five years on, we want to know if progress is being made. Is scientific research becoming more inclusive to diverse stakeholders? Has access to knowledge and information improved? Are the benefits of research being felt by practice?

We want your opinion about the current state of scientific research in heritage conservation.

Please take part in our survey and have your say by following this link:

The survey will be open until 21 December 2018.