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  • 10 May. Rescuing Art From the Rubble of the Quake
    NY Times, United States
    Kate Taylor: Susan Blakney, a paintings conservator from New York, scrambled up a mound of rubble left by the collapse of the Episcopal Holy Trinity Cathedral here, searching for small shards of the cathedral’s murals.
  • 19 April. Organizing Armageddon: What We Learned From the Haiti Earthquake
    Wired Magazine, United States
    Vince Beiser: The world responded to the Haiti earthquake with one of the biggest international aid efforts ever mounted, sending thousands of tons of food, water, and medicine pouring in from every corner of the globe to a tiny island that had little infrastructure even before the ground started convulsing.
  • 1 March. Firms head to Haiti
    The Real Deal, United States
    New York City architecture and construction firms are heading to Haiti in an effort to help rebuild the devastated Caribbean nation, which was hit with a magnitude 7 earthquake in January.
  • 15 February. Save, don't bulldoze, Haiti's heritage
    Barker City Herald, United States
    Angela Charlton: Haiti's historical heritage risks being bulldozed in the push to rebuild towns and cities flattened by last month's earthquake, a leading cultural official warned Monday.
  • 11 February. Battered Haitian art shines through devastation
    BBC, United Kingdom
    Paul Adams: In Port-au-Prince, art is everywhere. In the teeming capital - even in the midst of the chaos and suffering wrought by last month's earthquake - you are never far from a painting, a mural or a sculpture. Haitians mourn lost art but also find inspiration.
  • 2 February. Haiti: building blocks of memory
    The Globe and Mail, Canada
    Dinu Bumbaru, Christina Cameron, Francois Leblanc and Herb Stovel: In the aftermath of the international conference in Montreal to focus attention on rebuilding Haiti, we encourage all parties to orient recovery efforts as much on retaining the building blocks of memory and historical continuity essential to cultural identity, as on providing the Haitian people with shelter and security.
  • 1 February. Haitians fight to save historic archives
    National Post, United States
    Laura Stone: Patrick Tardieu knows it is hard to think about crumpled paper at a time like this, when millions of people have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have died.
  • 28 January. Experts to assess damage in Haiti museums
    Gens de la Caraïbe
    The UN cultural agency UNESCO is sending a team of experts to quake-hit Haiti on Wednesday to assess damage in the Caribbean nation's museums and monuments, its director general said.
  • 27 January. Experts to assess damage
    Straits Times, Singapore
    The UN cultural agency Unesco is sending a team of experts to quake-hit Haiti on Wednesday to assess damage in the Caribbean nation's museums and monuments, its director general said.
  • 25 January. A cultural agony in a nation where art is life
    Miami Herald, United States
    Haiti has lost huge chunks of its artistic culture, with the destruction and damage of historic paintings and murals, along with the deaths of art collectors.
  • 25 January. Art Trove Is Among Nation's Losses
    Wall Street Journal, United States
    Pooja Bhatia: Georges Nader Sr. considers himself lucky: The two rooms of his vast home that survived this month's earthquake were those in which he and his wife were napping. What didn't survive were the 12,000 artworks in the rest of his 35-room mansion, believed to be the world's largest repository of Haitian art.
  • 21 January. A plan for Haiti
    The Economist, United Kingdom
    More than a week after the earth convulsed beneath it, Haiti has still to plumb the depths of suffering and want. The generosity of the world’s response has also been profound.
  • 20 January. Heritage in Haiti
    UNESCO News
    While saving lives and providing humanitarian relief remains the absolute priority of the international community in helping Haiti deal with the devastation of the earthquake, information is beginning to arrive about the state of the country’s heritage: the National History Park – Citadel, Sans Souci, Ramiers, situated in the north of the country, and about Jacmel, in the southeast.