World Heritage Leadership programme

Heritage Place Lab

Organizers: ICCROM, IUCN and the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, in the framework of the World Heritage Leadership programme.

We are looking for six World Heritage sites and their site managers to join the next edition of the Heritage Place Lab!

HPL 2024-2025

The World Heritage Leadership (WHL) programme is launching a second edition of the Heritage Place Lab (HPL), focused on strengthening networks across research and site management in the context of the World Heritage Convention. 

We invite World Heritage site managers who are seeking collaborations with researchers to improve their management processes and decision-making. The Heritage Place Lab 2024-2025 will consist of a series of online and in-person workshops to be held between September 2024 and April 2025. The expected outcome is to develop tools to facilitate the exchange between site managers and researchers, establishing working methodologies with researchers and research institutions to design research projects and strategies to support World Heritage site management. Through the Heritage Place Lab, site management institutions will be connected with universities and research institutes to work collaboratively in addressing the World Heritage property’s research and management needs.

Running from September 2024 to April 2025, the Heritage Place Lab promises a dynamic series of online and in-person workshops where participants will collaboratively develop cutting-edge tools to amplify efforts in World Heritage management. By fostering stronger collaborations between site management teams and researchers, the programme aims to address pressing issues such as development pressures, climate change impacts, inadequate legal frameworks, governance, and the integration of local knowledge.

For more information on Heritage Place Lab 2024-2025, selection criteria and all the details to prepare your application, please download the complete call for applications here.

How to apply for the Heritage Place Lab

Applications should be submitted to the World Heritage Leadership via email at by 15 June 2024.

The application process includes the submission of the following documents:

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Pre-selected World Heritage properties and their site managers will be contacted via email and invited for an online interview with the World Heritage Leadership that will take place in June 2024, dates to be agreed with the site management team.

If you encounter any issues submitting your application or if you have any questions concerning the Heritage Place Lab, please email us at: