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ICCROM holds meeting for Latin American…

ICCROM holds meeting for Latin American Diplomats

Latam meeting

On 24 June, ICCROM brought together 14 representatives from 13 embassies of Latin American and Caribbean countries. The aim was to exchange opinions about the LATAM activities promoted and facilitated by ICCROM, and to foster dialogue and strengthen ties between the countries in the region prior ICCROM’s 29th General Assembly.

During the meeting, the impact of the diverse actions carried out by ICCROM between 2014 and 2015 was highlighted, with special emphasis on the contributions to the quarterly Boletín LATAM (69 authors from 20 countries so far), the training of 34 professionals from 13 countries through LATAM courses, as well as the increased number of training opportunities and conferences being held in the region.

The diplomats underlined the importance of regional programmes, commending the work carried out by ICCROM, their own institutions, and especially, the conservation professionals who are the roots of this vast network. They also expressed their determination to continue supporting the programme and reinforcing collaboration between ICCROM and the LATAM countries.