The Heritage-Based Climate Action International Virtual Conference presents three opportunities to take your participation to the next level. All of these are transformative exchanges of ideas about the intersection of heritage conservation, climate action, disaster risk reduction and peacebuilding.  

Join us for one of the three special sessions on 25–27 March 2024

Call for Contributions — “Ignite Talks” presentation session  
Date: 26 March 2024 (2nd day of conference) 
Application deadline: 11 March 2024 

Would you like to join a dynamic and inclusive discussion with professionals spanning diverse fields, to explore the intersection between heritage safeguard climate action, disaster risk reduction and peacebuilding? 

Get ready to showcase your ideas, research findings and/or case studies of best practices at the Ignite Talks!   

We invite short presentations and multimedia contributions on various topics, including: 

  • Tracking loss and damage to tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the face of climate change 

  • Indigenous knowledge, traditional practices and worldviews as a source for transformative climate action 

  • An integrated approach towards disaster risk reduction, peacebuilding and climate action 

  • Eco-sensitive conservation and sustainable craft practices 

Types of Contributions: 

  1. 5-minute informal presentations: Share innovative ideas, questions, experiences, or challenges related to one of the topics listed above.  
  2. Media/Multimedia: Submit photos, audio and video clips, music, or other art forms that convey aspects of culture and heritage about cultural heritage, climate change, conflict and disasters. These will be shared throughout the conference and on the website. 

Submission Guidelines: 

Submit a compelling abstract (100-150 words) outlining your presentation or multimedia contribution by 5 March 2024. Upon selection, you will be requested to share your presentation or multimedia file by 10 March 2024. 

Apply now

Call for Registrations – “Under the Talking Tree” Youth Forum 
Date: 27 March 2024 (3rd and final day of the conference) 
Registration deadline: 11 March 2024 

Are you interested in participating in a vibrant and inclusive dialogue featuring Indigenous leaders, knowledge keepers and diverse professionals from around the globe?

This session will be an intergenerational discussion focusing on the use of Indigenous and traditional knowledge for innovation in heritage conservation, climate action and disaster risk reduction. The “Under the Talking Tree” Youth Forum welcomes students, emerging professionals, Indigenous leaders and knowledge bearers from around the globe. It aims to foster cross-sectoral and intergenerational knowledge exchange on creative ways to leverage traditional crafts, vernacular architecture practices, natural resource management and community approaches to disaster preparedness and response.  

How to participate: 

The youth forum will take place online on 27 March 2024, and the registration link will be shared upon registration.  

This opportunity is for university students and emerging and mid-career professionals.  

Register now to be part of this vibrant exchange of ideas. 

Call for Participants — Story Circles
Date: 26–27 March 2024 (2nd and 3rd days of conference) 
Application deadline: 21 March 2024

Registrations are now open for the Heritage-Based Climate Action Story Circles!

As part of the Heritage Based Climate Action conference, we are excited to invite you to participate in our guided small-group story circle sessions. These sessions are a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience through in-depth discussions, and collectively explore the narratives that shape our heritage, climate action, disaster resilience and peacebuilding efforts.

The story circles will weave together insights from our five Net Zero: Heritage for Climate Action innovation sites — from vernacular architecture in the Thar desert to the abundant natural resources of Ubatuba. The Net Zero: Heritage for Climate Action teams have collaborated with local communities to document their oral histories and leverage their lived experiences for heritage safeguarding, climate action, disaster risk reduction and peacebuilding. 

How to participate: 

The story circles will take place online, and the registration link will be shared upon registration.  

Register now to share your story.