RE-ORG Workbook Dutch

ICCROM and FARO are pleased to announce the release of the Dutch translation of the RE-ORG Method. From today, you can access online everything you need in seven different languages to set up your own storage RE-ORGanization project.

The RE-ORG Method was developed by ICCROM ten years ago to help address common problems found in collections in storage worldwide. Since then, the method has been successfully applied by 145 museums in 35 countries on five continents, resulting in a large international community of users.

The RE-ORG Method kit is available in English, French, Italian Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic and contains:

  • The Self-evaluation tool, which gives a snapshot of the key issues affecting the functionality of the museum’s storage room(s).
  • The Workbook, which contains all essential step-by-step instructions that will apply to most RE-ORG projects.
  • The Worksheets, which capture all essential information in preparation of a storage reorganization project.
  • The Additional resources, which give more tools and guidance for specific cases.

You can find everything you need here.

Could your collection storage benefit from a RE-ORG project?

RE-ORG Method applied in Belgium

Complete a self-evaluation to find out!

While RE-ORG makes it easy for organizations to undertake projects themselves, extra help is available if you need it. For example, you can take part in our upcoming webinar ‘RE-ORG: a brighter future for your museum collections in storage’ on September 9th 2021 at 3:00 pm (Rome).

For additional tools and inspiration, check out:

  • Collection Storage Tips & Tricks on Tumblr. Developed by ICCROM and CCI, this resource showcases the creative and cost-effective ideas that collections professionals from around the world have developed to store various types of cultural objects and collections.
  • RE-ORG videos on YouTube

You can also connect with the growing community worldwide by joining the RE-ORG International Facebook page and following @REORG_storage on Twitter.