The second of a series of videos on mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on heritage is now available!

COVID-19 pandemic has brought life to a standstill, causing the immense loss of life and disruption of livelihoods. How can support to cultural heritage-based livelihoods be provided and intangible heritage be protected during COVID-19? Watch this video on Safeguarding Cultural Heritage and Supporting Livelihoods in Crises by ICCROM, the ALIPH Foundation and the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation

Produced in Arabic with English subtitles, the instructional video provides easy-to-follow guidance highlighting the importance of working closely with the humanitarian relief and development aid sectors; providing help in the form of cash to meet basic needs; and training for skill diversification and counselling to provide psychosocial first aid, so that those adversely impacted can receive timely help to overcome trauma and loss. Access to dignified aid is a human right and, with rising inequality, it is important to support heritage-based livelihoods of the most vulnerable population groups. 

This work has been conceived within the ambit of ICCROM’s flagship programme on First Aid and Resilience for Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis (FAR) and its capacity development project on Alliance for Cultural First Aid, Peace and Resilience. It is the second video in a series of learning resources conceived as part of this project.

Organized in partnership with the ALIPH Foundation, Alliance for Cultural First Aid, Peace and Resilience strengthens capacities for risk reduction, preparedness, response and recovery in communities confronting a combination of crises in the MENAP region. Organizing partners also include the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities; the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage in crises, created as a result of ICCROM’s international training on First Aid; and the Centre for Security Studies, a Zurich-based organization dedicated to promoting the understanding of security policy challenges as a contribution to a more peaceful world.

See first video of the series on Protecting Heritage in Times of COVID-19.

Coming soon: 3rd video of the series on providing virtual access to cultural heritage during COVID-19.