SHARE-ORG: an international competition for museums

What is SHARE-ORG?

SHARE-ORG is a competition to promote the creative use of underused museum collections in storage, after they have undergone a reorganization project. Once collections are better organized and storage areas made more functional, museums can use those collections in new and innovative ways – and THAT is what we want to hear about!

With this competition, we are looking for the newest and most innovative ways to provide access to collections in storage.

What’s in it for you?

You gain international visibility for your ideas.

You will connect with other professionals around the world, share new ideas and come up with creative solutions that can inspire others.

The 10 best projects, selected by an international jury, will be posted on the SHARE-ORG website. This will also be linked to the official websites of the SHARE-ORG partners (see below) and their social media platforms.

Let your innovations inspire others to embark on their own reorganization journey!

SHARE-ORG: an international competition for museums

Who should apply?

This competition is open to all those who have undertaken projects using the RE-ORG or similar methods, which have subsequently led to an increase in the use of the collections in storage and in public engagement. As the RE-ORG method is aimed at small and medium-sized museums, these types of institutions are particularly encouraged to apply.

What do we expect?

Be part of the solution! Tell us how you opened up hidden collections and connected people to their heritage. Give us some highlights on how you designed and developed your idea, how you were able to connect with the public, and the impact this had.

Please use this form to tell us about your activity or project, using text, photos, videos or any other way of visual communication.

Criteria for selection

  • Originality
  • Inspiring stories
  • Well-documented projects
  • Statistics and information about the impact
  • Projects implemented in the last five years


The submission form is in English, however further supporting documentation and materials regarding your activity or project can be in other languages.

Apply now!

Deadline for submitting the results of your project: 20 June 2020 @ 20:20 CET.

Partner Institutions

SHARE-ORG – Discover Stories, Connect Communities! is an international project coordinated by the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA, Brussels, Belgium) and funded by BELSPO.

In partnership with:

  • Conseil International des Musées Belgique Wallonie/Bruxelles, Belgium (ICOM-BWB);
  • International Council of Museums Belgium Flanders, Belgium (ICOM Belgium Flanders);
  • Central Institute for Conservation (CIK) in Belgrade, Serbia;
  • Diadrasis Interdisciplinary research on Archaeological & Architectural Conservation in Athens, Greece 

With the support of:

  • Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) in Ottawa, Canada;
  • International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property in Rome (ICCROM), Italy.