Indonesia - Bogor Botanical Gardens visit

On 8 August, a delegation of Indonesian professionals visited ICCROM to discuss the planned World Heritage nomination of Bogor Botanic Gardens.

The delegation was composed of:

  1. Prof Dr Enny Sudarmonowati (Deputy Chairman of Indonesian Institute of Sciences in Life Sciences; Team Leader of Nomination of Bogor Botanic Gardens as UNESCO World Heritage Site; ICC President of Man and The Biosphere Programme)
  2. Mr Untung W. Maryono (Chairman of Bogor Legislative Chamber)
  3. Mr Heri Cahyono, MM (Vice Chairman of Bogor Legislative Chamber)
  4. Mr Jajat Sudrajat (Vice Chairman of Bogor Legislative Chamber)
  5. Mr Sopian (Vice Chairman of Bogor Legislative Chamber)
  6. Dr Dian Latifah (Coordinator of Bogor Botanic Gardens Nomination Dossier Working Group)

They were received by Joseph King, Unit Director, Sites Unit; Fujio Ishihara, Project Manager (Secondment, Japan); and Paul Arenson, Manager, Knowledge and Communication Services.