Welcoming the Director of EPA-Ecole du Patrimoine Africain

On 12 April 2024, ICCROM's Director-General, Aruna Francesca Maria Gujral, welcomed Franck K. Ogou, Director of EPA-Ecole du Patrimoine Africain, to discuss significant advancements in safeguarding Africa's cultural heritage. EPA extended congratulations to the ICCROM Director-General for her historic tenure as the first woman in her position and underscored the significance of her role as the Vice President on EPA's board of directors. ICCROM’s Director-General ICCROM expressed deep pride in ICCROM's impactful initiatives in Africa, citing EPA as a prime example. 

The ICCROM Youth.Heritage.Africa programme has played a crucial role in propelling EPA's current initiatives forward. Both organizations stressed the importance of collaborative planning for the future, with the aim of positioning EPA as a regional hub for transformative capacity building and knowledge exchange in heritage protection across Africa. Key priorities include forging stronger relationships with African governmental institutions, fostering a new generation of African experts, and ensuring that heritage conservation contributes to sustainable livelihoods for local communities. 

Thank you to the EPA director for visiting us in Rome. We look forward to advancing our common goals.