Promoting people centred approaches

Start date: 10 October 2017

End date: 20 October 2017

Location: Rome, Herculaneum, Trento

Number of Participants: 22

Nationalities: 21

Executive Summary

This was the third edition of the People-Centred Approaches (PCA) course and was rooted in the experiences gained during its two predecessors (PCA15 and 16), with the focus on engaging communities. It was also linked to the WHL programme, drawing on the experience of LNC17.

The course provided a unique opportunity for 22 participants from diverse backgrounds, representing 21 countries from around the globe, to interact with numerous experts/instructors, also with diverse backgrounds and origins, who shared their experiences managing natural and cultural heritage. Throughout the course, both sectors were represented among the resource staff.

The course displayed the strength and uniqueness of ICCROM as a multilateral organization that provides a forum for sharing worldwide conservation knowledge and experience, to build capacity and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

The course had more participants representing the cultural sector (15) than the natural one (7). This unbalance was a reflection of the applications received, which were mostly from the cultural sector. Subsequent course announcements were posted through the IUCN website to increase wider engagement with natural heritage practitioners.

The course created a platform for networking among conservation practitioners from both natural and cultural heritage sectors. The participants had the opportunity to reflect on what they learned through the group work exercises that were held at the end of each day.

Feedback from the participants and the course evaluation indicated a very high level of satisfaction, while offering some good suggestions for improvement.

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