International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property


According to an international ICCROM-UNESCO survey (2011), collections in storage worldwide are at serious risk. From a sample of nearly 1500 museums in 136 countries, the survey highlighted that:

Collections in storage are at risk - ICCROM-UNESCO International Storage Survey 2011 - documentation systems, circulate in storage, who is responsible for storage, insu


All over the world, up to 60 percent of museum collections kept in storage suffer from poor management, lack of maintenance, or inadequate space and protection. Many museum storage areas are in such an appalling state that collections can no longer be used for public benefit, be it through learning, research or exhibitions.

The condition of storage worldwide

While much has been written on how to plan new storage areas, the problem faced by most museums is how to improve an existing storage situation that has deteriorated over time.

To help museums regain control of their collections in storage, ICCROM developed the RE-ORG Method as a practical tool for museum staff and to provide resource materials for training programmes and strategies.

The RE-ORG Method has since been applied in 171 museums in 42 countries, via hands-on workshops, mentor sessions and online training.


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