Some resources from the catalogue
Some of the resources catalogued as part of the project.

In 2020-21, the ICCROM Library carried out a project to retrospectively catalogue monographic materials that were not listed in the online catalogue. Previously, these resources could only be searched for using the paper card catalogue, which is kept in our reading room as a historical object telling the early story of our collection.

The project was divided into three phases: data compilation, data evaluation, and retrospective cataloguing. First, the data collected during the last inventory (2018-2019) was evaluated. This involved standardizing data sets and compiling and evaluating information for certain categories of media, which also allowed us to draw up a priority list for lost titles to be reacquired, and expand and relocate our Rare Book Collection, among other things.

Next, we assessed the books on the shelves and prioritized items to catalogue. It was at this point we noticed that most titles corresponded to the early ranges of shelf numbers in the individual classifications. Apart from a few outdated or obsolete scientific publications, they were also quite important and would be of interest to anyone researching conservation and restoration of cultural property.

Once we had selected the books, we started the cataloguing process, progressively uploading the bibliographic data of each one. So far, about 500 items have been retrospectively catalogued, with more to come. You can search for these resources online, using the keywords 'retrospective cataloguing' to see the full list of titles, and request copies of chapters via our document delivery service.

Watch the video below for some more insights into the project:

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