Training course on the RE-ORG method for museum storage reorganization and management

Via a RE-ORG Emilia-Romagna

RE-ORG Emilia-Romagna continues. Introduced in Italy in 2021 upon the initiative of the Emilia-Romagna Region - Cultural Heritage Sector, thanks to the collaboration with ICCROM and with the participation of ICOM Italy, RE-ORG is a training course dedicated to the management of museum deposits, set up with the ICCROM method and already successfully tested in several countries around the world.  

The course involves 10 museums in the region and addresses the issues of reorganization, management and use of collections stored in museum deposits. The training focuses on the transmission of the RE-ORG method. The methodology, successfully applied by professionals internationally, is offered for the second time in Italy on a regional scale. The course is tailored to the needs of the participating museums and is taught by ICCROM-trained lecturers with the participation of international speakers.

The goal is to provide museum professionals with qualified training and practical assistance for optimizing storage space and improving the preventive conservation of their collections.