Intergenerational Conversation on Heritage, Communities and Sustainable Development

Following the great success of TERRA 2022, held in early June, we are pleased to announce the ICCROM-TERRA webinar series titled "Intergenerational Conversation on Heritage, Community, and Sustainable Development." The series will open the floor for an engaging discussion about earthen heritage around the world and hopes to stimulate even more interest in this important form of cultural heritage:

  1. Tuesday, 27 September 2022: Sustainable Earthen Architecture in Changing Environment
  2. Wednesday, 30 November 2022: Earthen architecture for and by communities
  3. Tuesday, 31 January 2023: Understanding Practices and Rethinking Earthen Architecture for Community Development

Webinar 3: Understanding Practices and Rethinking Earthen Architecture for Community Development

The values and significance of earthen structure are now better understood as being both determined by and the responsibility of local communities, their participation from the outset is essential to reach a common understanding. However, the skills and practices connected to earthen structure are viewed as old and not beneficial to communities' current needs and yearning for development. This webinar will provide insights into the roles of earthen structures in meeting current needs across communities. The conversation will also provide practical steps for integrating the earthen structure into actions and interventions for sustainable development at the community level.


Tinhinane bachir-cherif | University of Constantine 3 - Algeria


  • Shireen Sahouri | ICCROM-Sharjah, Outreach and Development Manager - UAE
  • Toqa Al-Oran| Tarmeem centre for preserving the heritage - Jordan 
  • Nader Emami | ALH Foundation for Art & Architecture, Yazd - Iran
  • Abdelrahman Medhat | Egyptian Museum, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities - Egypt
  • Oussouby Sacko | Kyoto Seika University - Japan

ILS Jan 31 2023

Join us on 31 January 2023. Registration is mandatory and FREE.