Office of the Director-General

Webber Ndoro, Director-General

  • Joseph King, Senior Director
  • Pilar House, Executive Assistant
  • Anna Zeichner, Liaison Officer
  • Camilla Possenti, Assistant

Programmes Unit

Valerie Magar, Unit Manager, Programmes

  • Eugene Jo, Programme Manager, World Heritage Leadership
  • Aparna Tandon, Senior Programme Leader, First Aid and Resilience for Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis Digital Heritage
  • Espéra Donouvossi, Project Manager, Youth.Heritage.Africa
  • Rohit Jigyasu, Project Manager, Urban Heritage, Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management
  • Hirofumi Ikawa, Project Manager (Japanese secondment)
  • Daniela Sauer, Lead Librarian
  • Cécile Gallon, Librarian
  • Anait Abramyan, Library Assistant
  • Elisa Ortiz, Programmes Assistant
  • Alice Iemali, Programmes Assistant
  • Rahel Wolde Mikael, Programmes Assistant
  • Mohona Chakraburtty, Programmes Assistant
  • Jui Ambani, Programmes Assistant

Strategic Planning Unit

José Luiz Pedersoli Jr., Unit Manager, Strategic Planning

  • María Mata Caravaca, Manager, Records and Archives
  • Alison Heritage, Project Manager, Strategic Planning and Research
  • Stefano Pozzuto, Information and Communication Technology Team Lead
  • Isabelle Verger, Strategic Planning Assistant
  • Sabina Giuriati, Data Management Assistant

Partnership and Communication Unit

Jennifer Copithorne, Unit Manager, Partnership and Communication

  • Giorgia Alvino, Resource Mobilization Officer
  • Cristina Parrini, Member States and Partnerships Assistant
  • Isabelle d’Ailhaud de Brisis, Partnership and Communications Assistant


Maurizio Moriconi, Administration Manager 

  • Zeno Filippi, Human Resources Officer
  • Pascale Retailleau, Human Resources Assistant
  • Anna Berardino, Senior Accounting Assistant
  • Elena Incerti Medici, Senior Accounting Assistant
  • Daniele Mangiapia, Accounting Assistant
  • Simona Benevento, Accounting Assistant
  • Salvatore Ridente, Budget Assistant, Mosul Project 
  • Giuseppe Cioffi, Head of Logistics
  • Dilum Chaminda Nanayakkara, Logistics Assistant and Driver

Regional Office Sharjah (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)

Zaki Aslan, Director, ICCROM-Sharjah Regional Office

  • Anwar Sabik, Manager, Planning and Field projects
  • Abdullah Halawa, Manager, Policy Projects and Studies
  • Shireen Sahouri, Manager, Outreach and Development
  • Mahil Al-Yafeai, Operations Officer
  • Fatemeh WatanDoost, Executive Assistant
  • Shahul Hameed Nalakath, Logistics Assistant

Special Advisors to the Director-General

  • George Abungu (Kenya)
  • Manal Ataya (United Arab Emirates)
  • Francesco Bandarin (Italy)
  • Ray Bondin (Malta)
  • Mounir Bouchenaki (Algeria)
  • Stefano De Caro (Italy)
  • Gaël de Guichen (France)
  • Nobuko Inaba (Japan)
  • Jukka Jokilehto (Finland)
  • Francesco Rutelli (Italy)
  • Roxana Seguel (Chile)
  • Gamini Wijesuriya (Sri Lanka)