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Emergency evacuation manual now…

Emergency evacuation manual now available in Arabic

ICCROM and UNESCO’s handbook to save heritage collections in emergencies now available for free download for Arabic readers

Arabic Evacuation Manual cover

Armed conflicts and natural disasters causing deliberate or collateral damage to cultural heritage are more prominent than ever. To help strengthen efforts to save collections from imminent threats, ICCROM and UNESCO joined forces last year to produce Endangered Heritage: Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections, a practical handbook available for free download.

This publication was widely received by readers worldwide, and efforts are now underway to make it available in a variety of languages.

ICCROM is pleased to announce that a version is now available in Arabic, thanks to the efforts of the Egyptian Heritage Rescue Foundation, which has adapted the original text and workflow to the regional context.

Built upon years of experience and real-life situations, this publication offers a field-tested, simple workflow for the emergency evacuation of valuable objects. A multi-purpose guide, it is created with a variety of users in mind, with simple language and layout intended for heritage personnel, emergency responders and civilians alike. It offers guidance on when and how to intervene to protect endangered heritage, its illustrations and charts helping readers to understand quickly and begin working.

In crisis situations already underway, it is a fast and easy read that covers the emergency documentation of collections, safe transport and temporary storage.

“While it is sad that such a guidebook is necessary it is a great service to us all that this has been produced so well and thoughtfully, and made so accessible. A very useful resource to have available.” – IIC (read full review)

“With the US facing one of the worst hurricane seasons in recent history, the ICCROM/UNESCO evacuation guide, which gives the step-by-step, illustrated methodology has been invaluable. We have shared it with our Heritage Emergency National Task Force and colleagues in Texas and Puerto Rico affected by the storms. We plan to post it on our website as a resource for future emergencies.” Corine Wegener, Director of the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative