International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
New Publication Series for the Arab…

New Publication Series for the Arab Region

ICCROM and its ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre are launching a new books series on cultural heritage conservation in the Arab Region.

Selected Readings from ICCROM-ATHAR will provide a wide range of literature for both professional and academic audiences, aimed at promoting dialogue and debate, and bridging existing gaps in available knowledge resources.

The first three books of the series are now available online for free download.


Selected Readings from ICCROM-ATHAR 1

Conservation of Cultural heritage in the arab region

Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Arab Region: Issues in the Conservation & Management of Heritage Sites

Available in both English and Arabic, this volume is a compendium of contributions from instructors of the ICCROM-ATHAR core regional courses. The subjects range from theoretical approaches to heritage conservation, to the implementation of techniques and management strategies to safeguard immovable heritage. It covers the following topics:

  • Theoretical and Philosophical Approaches to Heritage Conservation and Management
  • Documentation and Condition Assessment of Heritage Sites
  • Conservation of the Archaeological Fabric: Methods and Techniques in Conservation
  • Management Issues and Legislation for Cultural Heritage



Selected Readings from ICCROM-ATHAR 2

Conservation of historic buildings in Muharraq

Conservation of Historic Buildings in Muharraq (in Arabic)

By Salman Al Mahari

This book addresses approaches and methodologies for the conservation of building materials in the Gulf. Using Muharraq, Bahrain as its case study, it explores methods of analysis, diagnosis and treatment of masonry structures. The author, Salman Al Mahari, is a former participant of ICCROM-ATHAR courses. The volume showcases his extensive research on the topic and is a valuable contribution to the existing body of literature in Arabic in the field.





Selected Readings from ICCROM-ATHAR 3

Approaches to the Conservation of islamic cities

Approaches to the Conservation of Islamic Cities: The Case of Cairo (in English)

By Hossam Mahdy

This book examines in depth the conservation history of a pearl of Islamic built heritage, the historic city of Cairo, to offer guidelines for cultural heritage professionals and students. The author, Hossam Mahdy, a former ICCROM fellow, presents an alternative view of the relationship between Islam and heritage, asserting that is a tenet of every Muslim’s faith and outlook to hold a deep respect for heritage. The author’s nuanced conservation history of Cairo traces Western and Islamic views that over time have given rise to decision-making frameworks with varying effects on the local communities. The book offers approaches to understanding the complex reality in Islamic cities today and the different layers of meanings, factors and stakeholders, explaining why measures that have successfully worked in some contexts do not work in Cairo and other Islamic cities. In support of this, he applies a range of conservation theories to resolve the hypothetical conservation of a medieval Islamic gate structure in a modern city setting. The exercise is designed to help conservation specialists think through the possibilities for sites, in full awareness of the cultural and other assumptions that underlie those decisions.