ICCROM is launching its call for nominations for the 2023 ICCROM Award.

What is it? 

The ICCROM Award is presented every two years to someone who has contributed greatly to ICCROM’s mission or to the field of cultural heritage protection on a global scale. Nominations can be made by anyone who is interested.

Who is eligible? 

  • An ICCROM course participant who has done exemplary work in their country or in their field after their experience in an ICCROM activity;
  • A teacher or consultant for an ICCROM activity team;
  • A former member of the ICCROM Council; or
  • A former member of the ICCROM Secretariat.

When can I nominate? 

Nominations are open now until 14 August 2022. Your nomination will be considered for the Award, which will be presented at ICCROM’s 33rd General Assembly in November 2023.

Gamini Wijesuriya, recipient of the ICCROM Award 2021

Who decides? 

After the preliminary review of the ICCROM Award Committee, the ICCROM Council makes the final decision on who wins the award. 

Who has won in the past? 

Last year, Gamini Wijesuriya received the Award. The full list of previous ICCROM Award recipients can be found here.

Where can I find more info? 

Please read the ICCROM Award Terms of Reference for a detailed explanation of the Award and the selection process.