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The fourth edition of the World Heritage Site Managers’ Forum hosted by the People’s Republic of China was held online from 7 to 13 July 2021, in conjunction with the extended 44th session of the World Heritage Committee meeting. This year the Forum hosted 90 site managers and coordinators representing 82 World Heritage properties from 48 countries worldwide. The IUCN-ICCROM World Heritage Leadership programme organized the Forum jointly with the People’s Republic of China, the World Heritage Centre, and in collaboration with ICOMOS.

It was in the spirit of working together that ICCROM welcomed representatives from 29 Member States and Permanent Observer in Europe and North America to our first regionally focused information session, held virtually on 22 June 2021.

ICCROM, IUCN, ICOMOS and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre are collaborating together to produce the upcoming Guidance for World Heritage Impact Assessment. We are currently working on finalizing the document and improving the diagrams and tools based on the last round of feedback received. We are planning to release the guidance in the third quarter of 2021. Please stay tuned for further updates!

Site managers of World Heritage sites from around the world are invited to this year’s World Heritage Site Managers Forum (WHSMF), held in the occasion of the 44th session of the World Heritage Committee meeting.

Within the ICCROM-IUCN World Heritage Leadership Programme (WHL), the module on Learning Networks promotes activities oriented to connect people and heritage places through peer learning, advancing people-centered and place-based approaches. By linking practitioners, institutions, communities and World Heritage places, networks between natural and cultural heritage, research, practice and policy are strengthened in the context of World Heritage processes. Activities of the Learning Networks include the World Heritage Site Managers Forum Network (SMF) initiated in 2017 and the PANORAMA Nature-Culture Thematic Community launched in 2020.

Facing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 the World Heritage Leadership Programme has concentrated heavily on knowledge production and active digital communication. In all aspects of the programme, we are working very closely with our partners and we convey our deepest thanks to the dedicated professionals and donors working with us.

The World Heritage Leadership Programme is launching a Nature-Culture Thematic Community on the PANORAMA platform, coordinated jointly by ICCROM, IUCN and ICOMOS.

ICCROM’s Programme of Activities and Budget (PAB) for the 2020-2021 biennium has been approved by the 31st General Assembly. For the next two years ICCROM will be operating in adherence to the Strategic Directions set out by ICCROM Council in 2017. There have been conscious importance placed on effective planning and setting priorities to ensure the highest efficiency and impact of its work.

The 3rd edition of the World Heritage Site Managers' Forum was held from 26 June to 4 July 2019, in Baku, Azerbaijan, in conjunction with the 43rd session of the World Heritage Committee. Over 60 site managers coming from 41 different countries participated in the Forum, to exchange knowledge and widen their networks. The host country of Azerbaijan provided financial support to 25 participants from SIDS (Small Island Developing States) and LDCs (Least Developed Countries) that greatly enhanced the diversity and balanced representation at the Forum.

On 11 April 2019, the Annual Donor’s Meeting for the World Heritage Leadership Programme took place at the Ministry of Climate and Environment in Oslo, Norway.
The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment hosted the donor’s meeting this year together with ICCROM, IUCN and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage (Riksantikvaren).