International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
Visit on 29 May 2023

Visit from former participants of the Scuola di Specializzazione per lo Studio e il Restauro dei Monumenti

On 29 May, ICCROM was pleased to welcome a group of former participants of the Scuola di Specializzazione per lo Studio e il Restauro dei Monumenti, Faculty of Architecture of University La Sapienza. Lectures of their course were held at ICCROM, together with those of the ARC course, which was organized in close collaboration with La Sapienza.

Microphotographic atlas of technically important plant fibres

Microphotographic atlas of technically important plant fibres

"Mikrophotographischer Atlas der technisch wichtigsten Pflanzenfasern" is an impressive piece of work that still serves as a reference for those looking to analyze the technical aspects of plant fibres. The publication is a testament to the expertise and dedication of Alois Herzog, who became an authority on the subject after years of research and study. In our Library, the book is kept in the rare book section.

Seeking volunteers for the ICCROM Library

Seeking volunteers for the ICCROM Library

Looking for a chance to contribute to an important cause and make a lasting impact on the preservation of cultural heritage? Join us as a volunteer in the ICCROM Library!


OpenAthens accounts for researchers in conservation and restoration

The ICCROM Library is pleased to offer researchers in conservation and restoration of cultural heritage in our Member States an exciting opportunity to access our electronic resources. Our Library holds a vast and diverse collection of materials that cover a wide range of topics in cultural heritage conservation and restoration. These resources can be an invaluable tool for researchers who are...

ICCROM Library in Bologna

ICCROM Library visits Bologna International Children's Book Fair to expand our heritage education space for youth 

ICCROM visited the international Bologna Children's Book Fair, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The most important event of its kind, the fair offers a platform for exchange among publishers, rights holders, illustrators and others engaged in the international scene of children's and young adult literature.

BCIN 2023

Bridging language gaps in conservation information: Search BCIN in French and Spanish

The Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network (BCIN) – one of the most important tools for retrieving bibliographic information on cultural heritage conservation – is now available in French and Spanish.

Jan RoM 2023

68-year-old convention more relevant than ever in 2023: Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict

Last year, more than 20 armed conflicts took place in different parts of the world, costing many lives and causing much suffering and destruction. Cultural heritage is far from being exempt from conflict; sometimes it is specifically targeted. In hoping for a more peaceful year in 2023, this year’s first Resource of the Month is the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. This iconic...

RoM November

The Art of Drawing, a book for all ages

This month we would like to showcase an art book we found while searching for books to populate our Heritage Education Library for children and youth, as part of the Europe Challenge 2022 project – L’arte del disegno di Mateusz Urbanowicz : Botteghe di Tokyo [The Art of Drawing by Mateusz Urbanowicz: Shops of Tokyo] (2021). It is not a book for the young but for all ages; I’m sure that everyone who holds the book in their hands will be thrilled...

Our library is participating in Europe Challenge 2022!

Our library is participating in Europe Challenge 2022!

We are proud to announce that the ICCROM Library is a winner of the Europe Challenge 2022 - an annual programme promoted by the European Cultural Foundation that provides funding and support to libraries and their communities to design, test and implement solutions to local challenges that can benefit all of Europe.

Greener Solvents in Conservation

How can we, as conservators, integrate sustainability into our work?

Welcome to the Resource of the Month for August, dear readers. Once again, I would like to invite as many of you as possible to visit our library, either virtually through our online catalogue or, of course, in person here in Rome. In person in Rome? Some of you might think: I'd better not travel in this heat... We read daily about forest fires and city fires and it hasn't rained in Italy for many months...Climate change and its catastrophic...