International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property


Porte du non-retour - Ouidah
Porte du non-retour - Ouidah

With the support of Member States and other top donors in Africa, ICCROM strives to develop an innovative and inclusive program to strengthen the capacity of the heritage community in Africa to  better care for the continent’s rich cultural heritage.  The effort includes reassessing partnerships with professionals, universities, cultural institutions, museums, NGOs and others in order to identify the next generation of stakeholders who will be able to preserve and restore the region’s cultural assets in a sustainable manner.   This will also entail a review of the impact of previous experiences as well as a stock taking of current issues, challenges and opportunities. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the new programme will tackle heritage conservation within the larger framework of economic, social, cultural and environmental changes.

Several African universities are now developing degree programmes in conservation science and organizing academic networks devoted to conservation issues. This has fostered advancements in the heritage preservation sector. ICCROM intends to build upon these new encouraging developments in forging the organization’s new Africa programme.


Africa News

Dr Webber Ndoro has been confirmed by ICCROM’s 30th General Assembly as the new Director-General, to lead ICCROM over the next six years. Ndoro completed a BA in History at the University of Zimbabwe in 1982, a Master of Philosophy in Archaeology in 1987 from Cambridge University, and a Master in Architectural Conservation from York University. His formal education was completed at Uppsala University where he obtained a PhD in Heritage Management in 2000.

One day after an impressive celebration of the International Museum Day, Nigerian professionals from ten national and two university museums convened in Jos to participate in a two-week RE-ORG workshop at the Jos Museum. This activity is the core element of the RE-ORG Nigeria programme, a joint initiative of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments ...

The US Ambassador to Nigeria, W Stuart Symington, has awarded a grant of $116,000 to launch RE-ORG Nigeria in a partnership between ICCROM, the Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments and Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. The Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation grant was for one of 39 projects selected from 136 submissions from around the world. It is one of six projects selected from Africa.

Webber Ndoro, Director of the African World Heritage Fund (AWHF) and Associate Research Fellow at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, will receive the ICCROM Award for his outstanding contribution to the field of cultural heritage conservation and to the development of the institution.

The Ecole du Patrimoine Africain (EPA), jointly established by ICCROM and the University of Abomey-Calavi in Porto Novo, has enjoyed a positive start to 2015. On 19 January it welcomed its newest Director, Mr Samuel Kidiba, and on 31 January, it received recognition as a Pan African school during the 24th Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa. This continental recognition crowns EPA’s 15-plus years of activity and indicates a new phase of growth for the institution.

In December 2014, Mr Samuel Kidiba was elected Director of the Ecole du Patrimoine Africain (EPA – School of African Heritage) by its Board of Directors. He took office on 20 January 2015 for a term of four years. Mr Kidiba is the third Director of EPA since its creation and is the first to come from Central Africa (Republic of the Congo).