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CALL FOR PAPERS: Guidelines for Documentary Heritage at Risk

CALL FOR PAPERS About the Project Many cases of neglecting and damaging Documentary Heritage have been made despite an effort to preserve and use it. It does not mean material damage. This means the channel exploring the era's memory and culture is...


Fotogrametría aplicada a la documentación de patrimonio

El objetivo principal de esta ponencia es demostrar, a través de ejemplos claros y prácticos, las amplias posibilidades que ofrece la fotogrametría para la evaluación y el diagnóstico de bienes culturales tridimensionales. Los participantes obtendrán una comprensión importante sobre esta técnica y...

Candidati entro

Conservation Technician Paper & Photographs

The National Gallery of Ireland (‘the Gallery’) is Ireland’s major national cultural institution devoted to the collection and care of fine art. Comprising almost 17,000 paintings, drawings, watercolours, miniatures, prints, sculpture and decorative arts, the institution's extensive holdings include...


INCCA-CAN! Speed-Mentoring at the Annual Meeting!

The International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA) and AIC's Contemporary Art Network (CAN!) are thrilled to announce our yearly Speed Mentoring Session at the 52nd Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Wednesday, May 22, 2024 from 1:00-2:00 PM. These sessions create the chance...


Survey: Nanolime for stone Heritage

Join the survey from Cyril Maucourant, a postdoctoral researcher fellow in stone conservation and materials science at Sheffield Hallam University. The participation of stone conservators (working in a museum and built heritage sectors) in answering a quick online survey about using nano lime for...


International Conference The Art of Embroidery: History, Tradition, and New Horizons

This Simposio aims to create a space to present and discuss the results of the most recent studies on the history of embroidery in its broadest dimension, without prioritizing specific cultural, artistic, or chronological areas but encompassing all aspects that such ancient art as embroidery entails...


Jury Call for Applications – ICOM Award for Sustainable Development Practice in Museums

The ICOM Award is the first global award organised by ICOM that recognises innovative initiatives and exemplary museum practices in sustainable development. The International Council of Museums (ICOM), as a global organisation, aims to demonstrate the various ways in which the museum sector...


Urgent! Needs Assessment: Jordan Trail

We're conducting a brief survey to understand the Jordan Trail's needs for responsible tourism, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation. Link for the survey: https://forms.gle/hVAibbbS5Fo4N5TB9 Responses are confidential. Thank you for your generous cooperation. Dr. Sami Alhasanat...


A Reflection on Ancient Metal Technology in China

In this seminar, David Scott examines the sophisticated metallurgical techniques used in the fabrication of bronze mirrors, which were used in China from the 3rd millennium BC to recent times – some 4,000 years of bronze technology. The different ways mirrors could be made reflect the broader...