Centro internazionale di studi
per la conservazione ed il
restauro dei beni culturali

Capacity building is a core area of ICCROM’s work. We design our courses taking into account our 60+ years of experience and requests and inputs from our global network of heritage experts, with an outlook toward the future of the field.

Course content and pedagogy incorporate new knowledge and skills and illustrate different approaches and methodologies found around the world. Participants are vital to the teaching and learning experience – they are encouraged to work as a team to solve problems and participate in hands-on exercises, and contribute to discussions by sharing their knowledge and experiences.

All ICCROM courses are carried out in partnership with leading institutions from our Member States, enabling us to leverage international exchange of knowledge and diverse viewpoints on how to tackle common conservation challenges.

We continually add to and update the courses we offer, so check this catalogue regularly to stay up-to-date. 

Ongoing courses

MSc Programme in Conservation Management of Cultural Heritage 2023-2024

Upcoming courses