ICCROM continues to diligently monitor the ongoing developments in Sudan, while wholeheartedly wishing for the safety and well-being of its people. Our sincere hope is that this crisis will swiftly subside, resulting in minimal losses and enabling the displaced individuals to swiftly return to their cherished homes and resume their normal lives. ICCROM proudly maintains a robust and enduring relationship with Sudan and its esteemed heritage institutions. This steadfast bond is fostered through the provision of comprehensive training programmes to heritage professionals within Sudan, as well as our active involvement in noteworthy projects, exemplified by the impactful Western Sudan Community Museum Project. Recognizing the immense value of heritage as an effective and indispensable instrument for fostering peace amidst and after conflicts, we earnestly appeal to all parties involved. We implore them to safeguard the collective memory enshrined within archaeological sites, historical places, and museums. These invaluable sites do not solely belong to the conflicting parties; rather, they are the shared heritage of all Sudanese people. They stand as beacons, emanating messages of love, culture, and representation from Sudan to the entire global community.