Castel Sant'Angelo Roma, ICCROM Course

ICCROM is pleased to announce DOCU2024, a workshop on the documentation of layered heritage at the Mausoleum of Hadrian in Rome. This workshop aims to combine use of hand drawings and digital documentation techniques for built heritage to better understand historic building techniques for informed conservation decisions.   


The workshop will include some introductory lectures. On-site activities will consist of using digital drawings (laser scans, photogrammetry and Lidar) to generate 2D drawings, which will be used for on-site hand drawings. Drawings will highlight materials, building techniques and building phases, with an effort to relate each part to the whole. Specific solutions adopted by the builders will be framed in the wider understanding of Roman building techniques. The participants will have to deliver an output of their work, which will be a hand drawing with a description of materials, and building techniques and observations discovered during the documentation. There will be a presentation at the end of the workshop.  


We are seeking a maximum of ten young and mid-career heritage conservation professionals from disciplines (architects, archaeologists, engineers, planners, site managers, etc.). Candidates should have the ability to influence or show potential to influence practices in the field. The participants should be able to work primarily on-site for at least six hours per day in the open.  

Teaching team 

The teaching team is composed of recognized heritage conservation professionals who have theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and are very engaged in training. They share the broadest possible international perspectives in their fields of expertise, and at the same time bring specific knowledge to fulfil the aims and objectives of the workshop. 


English is the working language of the course. Candidates must have strong communication and writing skills in English.  

Course fee: 

 EUR 250 

Travel, accommodation and living expenses 

Participants will be responsible for their round-trip travel costs to and from Rome and the costs for their accommodation and living expenses in Rome.  

Certificate of attendance 

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion of the workshop.  Participants are expected to attend all lectures and activities over the full length of the workshop. 


Please submit your application by Monday, 22 April 2024 

The application process is as follows: 

  • complete the online application form in English 

  • upload a personal photo 

  • upload your professional curriculum vitae (in English; maximum two pages) 

  • upload the official endorsement of your institution 

  • upload a brief report (3-5 pages) describing a heritage documentation project (supported by illustrations) for which you are or have been actively involved. Include the appropriate contextual background (objectives, partners, support, etc.), a description of difficulties encountered, and the strategic responses developed.  

(Allowed formats: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff; maximum file size of 4 MB). 

If you encounter any issues submitting your application via the ICCROM website, please email us at